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Why Hackmaths.com?

The all in one GCSE Maths revision course!

Valid for all 3 exam boards

The course is designed for the higher specification but foundation students can use it by skipping particular topics as seen in the syllabus of your exam board.


Complete GCSE Maths Course

I have produced PowerPoint slides that cover the whole syllabus, meaning you will not necessarily need to use any other material to understand the course.


Detailed solutions

I have produced detailed answers giving reasons to answers, references are provided to the PowerPoint slides for each question. 2.1.16 means topic 2, lesson 1, slide 16.



Learn socially! When you enrol in the course, you can interact with other members on the course via a forum. I or other members will answer you.



GCSE Maths Course

75% OFF for a limited time only!

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About Me

Information about my history


I have recently completed a BSc in Economics & Finance obtaining a first. I have always been incredibly zealous about mathematics. During my degree, I have found revision techniques and skills that I wish I knew during GCSE and A-Level, and I am excited to pass these onto you. 

I want to be able to prove that mathematics can be learnt by anyone, with a key trick in doing so to understand the reasoning behind things, hence why I have felt it pertinent to provide you with examples for almost every concept. 


How does it work?

Brief overview of Hackmaths.com

After starting the course, you will be presented with a curriculum which will guide you on the lesson structure. Then you can confirm to start the course in the top right-hand part of the page, any lesson can be viewed at any time on the right side by clicking on the topic of your choice.

Each lesson will have an attachment to the PowerPoint for that lesson. I have used a common referencing system in past papers and you can use it when asking questions to me or in the forums. To reference a particular slide you can use the following format: topic. lesson number. slide number, so 1.1.2 would mean topic 1, lesson 1 and slide 2. 

Please do not share any of the PowerPoint slides or past papers I have prepared, since they are only for students which enrol to a course through Hackmaths.com. I have put a lot of hard work into preparing a course which matches closely to the syllabus, meaning you do not need to necessarily use any other material to understand the course! 



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