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  • The #1 Complete GCSE Maths Course.
  • Over 8 hours of video lessons, 30 PowerPoint slides and 12 exam solutions.
  • Every single topic covered.
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Why Hackmaths?

Our GCSE Maths Course is the most detailed to date!
GCSE Maths Hackmaths Exam Boards

Valid For All Exam Boards

Edexcel, AQA & OCR

GCSE Maths Hackmaths Video Lessons Revision Course

25 Detailed Video Lessons​

Over 8 Hours of Lessons

GCSE Maths Hackmaths PowerPoint Lessons

30 PowerPoint Lessons

Full OF Revision Material

GCSE Maths Hackmaths Past Paper Solutions

12 Complete Exam Solutions​

Most In-Depth Solutions

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GCSE - Higher Maths Course

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We provide all the GCSE Maths material you need for Edexcel, AQA & OCR. Video lessons, revision slides and in-depth exam solutions.​

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About Hackmaths

Hackmaths was founded in 2019. Joshua graduated University with a first in BSc Economics, and wanted to give back the critical techniques he learnt at University. He wished he knew those techniques when he took GCSE Maths!

We are extremely zealous about Maths, and believe that our hands on approach will really help you grasp GCSE Maths better. Not only in memorisation but actually understanding the concepts! This will make you much less nervous for the GCSE Maths exams.

The Hackmaths GCSE Maths Course features over 8 hours of video lessons, 30 PowerPoint lessons and 12 detailed exam solutions to explain and teach you behind the intuition and reasoning behind the material. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What's the Structure of the Course?

We have closely followed the official GCSE Maths syllabus. Therefore, the course is split into the 5 main topics of the syllabus: Numbers, Algebra, Ratios/Proportions, Geometry and Statistics.

Do I Need Other Revision Materials?

We have all the material you need to ace GCSE Maths. We cover all the learning material you could get from GCSE Maths text books/class lessons. However, we recommend you to answer as many questions from text books and past paper questions, to make sure you understand the concepts.

How In-Depth Is This GCSE Maths Course?

Our GCSE Maths course is tailored towards the “Higher” specification. However, we make sure to cover all the fundamentals and explain the “key” steps to understanding material. Our recorded video lessons are incredibly useful. We personally found recorded lectures at University the most beneficial, as you can re-watch and capture all the key bits you may have missed from live classes. 

Am I Able To Access The Material Forever?

Yes, all of our material is accessible to you without restriction. That includes over 8 hours of video lessons, 30 PowerPoint lessons and 12 in-depth past paper solutions.


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